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Spot Silver
Silver is another very popular precious metal besides gold. Because of its scarcity and the increasing warming of silver products, the demand for silver in the market is increasing. The silver market is smaller than the gold market, but it is still an item of great investment value. Similar to gold trading, silver trading is also carried out through margin mechanism, and forms a currency mix with the US dollar. Holding silver is also a good investment strategy to avoid risks when uncertainty in the global economic situation shakes confidence in the dollar.

Why Choose Spot Silver


1)the function of reserve preservation
2)Price fluctuations  more opportunities
3)Avoiding dollar risk
4)Delivery at any time, easy to cash



transaction data

Flying Hummingbird can provide customers with leverage up to 100:1 for silver transactions, highly competitive point spread, optimal international inter-bank quotation, and flexible contract size, so that customers can enjoy the risk management of multiple instructions and bills of lading.

Name Min Max Unit Distance Margin level Time(Beijing) Time(MT)
XAG/USD 0.01 20 5,000 2.4 0.5%~2% Mon-Fri:07:00-05:59 Mon-Fri:01:00-24:00
Note: * US Summer Saving Time, Beijing Trading Time is 1 hour ahead of schedule
Flying Hummingbird Information reminds you to consider the risk of increasing leverage. The relatively small fluctuations in the market may be scaled up and have a greater impact on the funds you have deposited or will deposit, which may not be good for you, but may also be good for you. You may lose all the original margin and need to deposit additional funds to make up for the warehouse.