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Foreign Exchange Rare Trading (FX Rare Trading) contains currencies provided by special countries. It is not as widely traded as mainstream trading, but has special investment value. It can meet the specific trading needs of traders. These rare currencies are usually combined with a mainstream currency, such as USD/ZAR, EUR/TRY, USD/MXN, etc., but there are also two rare currency combinations, such as Norwegian krona/Swedish Krona (NOK/SEK). These currencies usually have certain geoeconomic advantages, such as Mexico, as the leader of the Central American economic system, dominates the lifeline of the Central American economy; Turkey, as the Middle East currency, plays a role in stabilizing and balancing the Middle East economy, and so on. Investors can trade selectively according to their investment needs.

Why Choose Exotic


1)Special Economic Use and Value
2)Flexible hedging in two-way transactions
3)Applicable to domestic traders
4)Emerging markets, with great potential



transaction data

With floating point difference, customers can experience exciting to the lowest point difference in Flying Hummingbird platform, and there is no duplicate offer. In addition, Flying Hummingbird can provide up to 200:1 flexible leverage to effectively help traders maximize their benefits.

Name Min Max Unit Distance Margin level Time(Beijing) Time(MT)
USD/MXN 0.01 20 100,000 49.9 0.5%~2% Mon-Fri:07:00-05:59 Mon-Fri:01:00-23:59
USD/HKD 0.01 20 100,000 49.9 5%~20% Mon-Fri:06:05-05:59 Mon-Fri:00:05-23:59
USD/CNH 0.01 20 100,000 49.9 5%~20% Mon-Fri:06:05-05:59 Mon-Fri:00:05-23:59
Note: * US Summer Saving Time, Beijing Trading Time is 1 hour ahead of schedule
Foreign exchange, CFDs and financial derivatives adopt margin trading system, which is risky and not suitable for all investors. Leverage trading enlarges returns and risks as well. There is the possibility of losing all the original investment amount. Investors should be fully aware of the transaction risks related to market conditions and trading regulations before investing. Investors should fully consider their investment conditions and trading experience before choosing the Flying Hummingbird platform. Flying Hummingbird is not responsible for the omissions, errors, incompleteness and omissions of the above-mentioned materials, nor for the accuracy and completeness of the information, text, pictures, links and other materials provided. Any assurance. Before leveraged investments are made by investors, it is important to read and be aware of the relevant regulations and rules.