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crude oil
Crude oil is one of the most important natural resources in the world and one of the most frequently traded commodities. In ORDER platform, spot crude oil transactions can be carried out, that is, spot contracts with specific quality crude oil as the subject matter of the transaction, which is a CFD transaction, not involving the commodity itself, only guaranteeing funds as a risk guarantee, the implementation of the T+0 trading system, can buy up or buy down, without the limit of price rise and fall, the risk level is small, and the delivery side. Flexible, suitable for cash. For investors, investability is stronger than other types of transactions, and returns are higher. At present, ORDER platform provides customers with American crude oil (West Texas Intermediate Oil) and Brent crude oil, which are widely traded in the market. Investors can trade easily with only one account.

Why choose crude oil?


1)Low spread and low transaction cost
2)Two-way trading, hedging function
3)There is no limit of price rise and fall, and the risk is small.
4)Price fluctuation is influenced by supply and demand, and the market is easy to grasp.
5)Quick execution, no duplicate quotation
6)Various bills and instructions can be set up to control warehouse position.


transaction data

With ORDER crude oil trading, customers can enjoy advanced trading tools, highly competitive spreads and efficient execution speed, regardless of bull market and bear market have the opportunity to profit.

Name Min Max  Unit Distance Margin level Time(Beijing) Time(MT)
USO/USD 0.1 20 1,000 2.4 3% Mon-Fri:07:00-05:59 Mon-Fri:01:00-24:00
UKO/USD 0.1 20 1,000 2.4 3% Mon-Fri:09:00-05:59 Mon-Fri:03:00-24:00
Note: * US Summer Saving Time, Beijing Trading Time is 1 hour ahead of schedule
Order Information reminds you to consider the risk of increasing leverage. The relatively small fluctuations in the market may be scaled up and have a greater impact on the funds you have deposited or will deposit, which may not be good for you, but may also be good for you. You may lose all the original margin and need to deposit additional funds to make up for the warehouse.